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Reasons to clean green in Washington DC

For the past decade or so, the preference to clean green in Washington DC or wherever you reside has gained popularity. We believe that there are a few major reasons why it is very important that you choose to ” clean green”.

1. Environmental : Cleaning green has many environmental benefits such as : products are less damaging to the environment/ safer for your home and family/ bio- degradable packaging/

2. Health benefits: Green cleaning products that are highly rated have been proven to reduce the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in your home that can adversely affect the health of you and your family.  If used over a lifetime, or numerous years, chemicals found in NON- green cleaning products have been found to cause an increased risk of many diseases.

Cleaning green in Washington DC, or wherever you live is proven to have numerous benefits and is highly recommended by most health experts.  You can count on Maid In DC to use only the best green cleaning products when cleaning your home.


Green cleaning in Bethesda Maryland / Green maid service in Bethesda, Maryland

How do you select the best green cleaning in Bethesda Maryland ? The most important factors in selecting a green cleaning company are :

1. Trusted 3rd party reviews
2. Green products used
3. Affordability
4. Customer service

Maid in DC delivers in all of these areas. We are highly rated on Yelp, use only the highest rated green cleaning products, offer the most affordable rates and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our work.

Look no further for a green maid service in Bethesda, Maryland then Maid in DC.

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Capitol Hill Cleaning Service/ Maid service on Capitol Hill

Maid In DC is Capitol Hill’s leading cleaning service since 2009.
Our professionally selected/ trained cleaners use only the best cleaning products.
We offer the finest Green cleaning products available for a cleaning that is non toxic for your home.
If you are searching for a Capitol Hill cleaning service look no further then Maid In DC.
We are the premier Maid service on Capitol Hill.

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Commercial cleaning in Washington DC/ Janitorial service in Washington DC

Maid in DC is the premier commercial cleaning in Washington DC. Our staff is pre-screened, trained and monitored so that our clients receive the highest level of professional cleaning for their business.

If you are searching for a professional, affordable janitorial service in Washington DC, look no further then Maid In DC.

Maid in DC also proudly offers the best green cleaning option in the industry. Our green cleaning products are carefully selected to ensure your business does not have any toxic chemicals in the air.

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Custom Cleaning Service in Washington DC/ Custom Maid service in DC

Not every home is the same, which requires the need for a custom cleaning service in Washington DC. Cleaning service options are most desired when they are customized to meet the individual preferences and needs of homeowners. This is best achieved with in-home consultations that allow for a better understanding of the cleaning expectations and a full explanation of the cleaning services provided. Cleaning is a necessity for every homeowner, but professional cleaning services can reduce your hesitations and allow you to experience service that leaves you free to do the things you enjoy.

Cleaning service options vary among different providers, but special instructions and cleaning concerns should always be understood and acknowledged from the beginning. Green cleaning is also a popular cleaning service that is available from many cleaning providers like Maid in DC. This allows homeowners to have their home cleaned using only safe and environmentally friendly products. Housekeeping services are not limited to individuals with generous amounts of disposable income; instead there are cleaning service options available to meet any budget. This ensures that every household can experience cleaning service that is effective and affordable.

There are many different cleaning plan options that range over different duration periods. For example, you can choose from cleaning service options that allow for weekly, monthly or special occasion cleanings. You have the ability to completely customize your cleaning service plan to fit your needs perfectly. Housekeeping services enable you to achieve a clean and fresh home without hassles, worries or stress. A clean home is only a phone call away 202-642-6320.
Maid in DC offers premium green cleaning at affordable rates. We are the best custom maid service in DC.

Commercial Cleaning Service Washington DC

Commercial cleaning companies are more than maids that pick up after you. While they are willing to vacuum your floor and dust your plants, they can make your house or office more sanitary than you are able to. That is because they have more powerful products than what is sold over the counter. Here are just a few things that a commercial cleaning service in Washington, DC like Maid in DC offer it’s customers.

First Impression

Cleaning/ Janitorial companies know that first impression is extremely important to your clients, and cleanliness is an important aspect to making a positive first impression. This is true for people running a business in their home or if they have a business with a storefront. The first thing a maid service will do is clean and sanitize all surfaces using quality products. A clean workplace will help make the clients initial appearance the best possible.


Cleaning/ Janitorial companies will use fragrant products to sanitize your office/ home keeping your health and the health of your employees so that no work time is missed due to germ causing illness. They will clean doorknobs, light switches, counters, and even the fridge and coffee pot.

Maintain Area

In addition to sanitizing surfaces and floors, commercial cleaning service in Washington DC will take out the trash, sweep, vacuum, mop, wax, and perform all other routine cleaning. They can also perform cleaning tasks that are time consuming, such as dusting, or those that require special equipment, such as cleaning air vents in the ceiling and waxing floors.

Commercial Products

Cleaning companies can use powerful cleaning chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses on contact. If you are looking for safe products, there are powerful cleaning chemicals that are registered as green products. These are safe to be used around people, pets, and those with allergies. They are also safe for the air and soil and are eco-friendly.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company shows your clients that you value your workspace appearance and you care about everyone’s health.

Why Hire Cleaning service in Washington DC Instead of Doing Yourself ?

Keeping your home clean and in order can be overwhelming. It is sometimes easy to simply think that you can do it yourself to save money. This is not accurate however, as most businesses have learned. When you hire a cleaning service in Washington DC, you have professional workers, products and processes that have proven to be effective.


Cleaning companies must train their employees in the cleaning process and products. Professional cleaning services use supplies that have proven to be effective such as top quality brooms, cleaning liquids and vacuums. Professional maid services take all of the guesswork out of how/ what/ when/ where to clean because they have a cleaning process and checklist that ensures your home/ business is left beautifully cleaned time after time.

The stress & time that it takes to maintain a clean living environment can be handled by hiring a reliable, affordable cleaning service in Washington DC. Cleaning companies take the stress away and with a little insight into how to best clean your home and which products work best.It is clear that it is completely worthwhile to hire a cleaning company in Washington DC.

How to choose the best Green Cleaning Service in Washington DC

There are many green cleaning services in Washington, DC, so how do you go about choosing the best one ?
When you have a home/ business, keeping it clean, sanitized and organized is important to your physical and mental health as well as those of your family and employees . Choosing Green Cleaning has become more important to consumers, so we have compiled some important factor to consider when making that choice.


Ask the company you are looking at if they are fully licensed and insured. Before you allow a company into your home/ office, you want to know who they are, how long they have been in business, and what products and procedures they use for hiring, training and handling consumer issues. Also, it is in your best interest to make sure they are legally allowed to perform business, and they can cover any damages they may cause with the proper insurance coverage.

Training ?

The most reputable green cleaning companies train there staff to use new microfiber cloths for each home, as well as Hepa filtered vacuums that trap dust and allergens, so your home is free of micro dust particles and pet hair. Customer service follow up after each cleaning is also a vital part of ensuring customer satisfaction, so inquire about these procedures when choosing a green cleaning service in Washington DC.

Which Products are used ?

There are many green cleaning products on the market and not all of them are created equally.
Maid in DC uses only the best “A” rated green cleaning products as rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).
Less then 5% of the products tested by EWG qualified for an “A” RATING.

When you hire a green cleaning company, it is important to do your homework so that you can partner with a company that can offer you the best products, procedures and service at an affordable rate. Helping you and your family remain healthy, and protect the environment is one of the greatest benefits of a green cleaning company and following these rules will help you choose the perfect fit.

House Cleaning Services in Washington DC Keep You Healthy and Happy

These days, managing life can be very difficult. Keeping your work life, personal life, and family requirements all running smoothly can become stressful. One way to reduce the stress is to hire a cleaning service in Washington DC to keep you healthy and happy. Cleaning services will clean your home, so that when you come home from a long day of work, you come home to a clean, fresh smelling environment. Even only using maid services occasionally, like once a month, helps to keep your living environment sanitized and orderly, which has proven to make people happier and tranquil. There are several reasons that housecleaning services, such as Maid in DC, are beneficial.


The function of cleaning companies is to give you time back in your life. Instead of staying home and deep cleaning, you can take your family out to the park on the weekend. You will have time to exercise, relax in the sun, spend time with the family , while your house is professionally cleaned for you. Chores such as dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets and sinks and other time-consuming tasks can be done by experienced cleaners while you are enjoying yourself and relaxing.

Save Money

While it sounds odd to think that you could save money by spending money, think about time gained. If you have a business, you know that if you have more employees, you can accomplish a lot more work. If you hire someone to clean your home, then you will have an extra few hours in your day to do tasks you would not have had time to do otherwise.


Cleaning companies come with many benefits, most going back to you having more time to rest and relax. Allergies, asthma, and other health problems can be prevented by regular cleaning. Keeping things cleaned will also add life to your household items like floors, appliances and furniture.

When you hire a professional house cleaning service in Washington DC, you are able to enjoy the things in life that you value most :time doing things you actually enjoy.